Why not, it's FREE! Here are a few good reasons to attend.

  1. LEARN FROM THE CROWD. Plan to stop by around the last hour of the open house. This will allow you to check out the sign-in sheet and see how many people attended. If the page is pretty full then this could indicate a competitive market, if not then you may have a great advantage. Lots of times neighbors attend and its a great time to ask questions about the subdivision, schools etc.
  2. FIGURE OUT WHICH AREA YOU LIKE. Taking a tour of open houses will help you to narrow down your search and find the area you really like. It will also help you to gauge the prices of that area and determine how that will fit into your budget. Maybe a brand new home in your area of choice won’t be an option but a nice remodeled home may fit into the budget.
  3. CHECK OUT ALL THE INS AND OUTS. If you find a home you like don’t hesitate to check out all the ins and outs of the property. Look at all the closet space, check out the water pressure, the A/C unit, etc. Take this opportunity to really do your homework on the property. It is also a great idea to come prepared with info on the home such as the total days its been on the market, the last purchase price etc. If you don’t know how to get this info then make sure you contact an agent to help you and possibly attend with you. Dig beyond the listing data, and if you didn’t bring your own agent with you then ask the agent on duty. Ask about the past renovations, the age of the roof, A/C, hot water heater etc.



Don't disclose too much info to the agent on duty.

Be cautious as to how much info you disclose to the agent running the open houses. This agent typically works for the seller so don’t let them know what your budget is or how AWESOME you think the house is. Do not give them all the cards in your deck! However, if you are not a serious buyer please don’t hesitate to disclose that to the agent on duty, he or she will appreciate your honesty. I definitely advise finding your own personal agent to work with before attending an open house, especially if you are about 4 months or less away from purchasing. Your agent works for YOU  and will help you by giving you all the essential details on the properties you want to view. It’s also great because the agent on duty won’t bother you for contact info if you just write down your agent’s info on the sign-in sheet and let them know that you already have an agent.